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Dance Power Competition - White

General Policies

Dressing rooms and lobby

Dance power will open the building/dressing rooms 1 hour prior to competition starting time, and close 1/2 hour after the last awards session. Please do not arrive earlier than 1 hour prior to start-time. The lobby will open 30 minutes prior to the competition starting time each day. Routines/studios that require additional theatre and/or technical time for load-in and/or out, cleaning, set-up, take-down may be charged for this time. Please contact our office at least one week in advance if you require load in time at the theatre.

Teacher programs

Each teacher receives a free final program which can be picked up at the merchandise/program table.

High Mark Award ties

In the case of ties within an award category, Dance Power reserves the right to equally distribute or allocate prize money at their discretion.

Video adjudication from judges

Video adjudication from all three judges will be given for each entry.

Score sheet pickup

Score sheets, from previous sessions, can be picked up by a studio representative from the mc/backstage manager during the competition (as they are available), otherwise sheets will be mailed out following the competition. If a person other than the studio owner/director will be picking up the sheets please send a letter or note authorizing them to do so.

Refund/Credit policy

Entry fees are non-refundable. Credit notes (in the name of the studio) will be issued at the end of the tour season for solos and duos/trios only. They will be issued for medical reasons only. A letter listing the competitor’s solos and/or duos/trios and a medical certificate or doctor’s note must be received by Dance Power by May 31 of each season. Group entry fees are not eligible for refunds or credits. Credit notes are valid for one year only and can be used by the studio for future entry fees payable. There are no refunds for cancellation of entries. A 15% admin fee is applicable for all refunds or credits for injuries.


No recording devices of any kind will be permitted in the theatre. We thank you for your cooperation and adherance to this rule. Whenever possible a professional photographer/videographer will be on site.


Microphones may not be used in song & dance or any other categories. Productions are permitted to use mics provided the studios supply their own equipment and inform our office when submitting their entry form. In addition, they must inform the mc/backstage manager and the technical staff of the theatre a minimum of 24 hours in advance of their competition time.

Family content

Dance Power is an event for the entire family. Inappropriate language in songs, gestures in routines or costuming may result in disqualification. Disqualification is at the sole discretion of the dance power director and management.

Condition of stage

Substances which alter the condition of the stage or rehearsal room(s) are prohibited and may be subject to disqualification and/or a $50 fine being imposed if clean up is required and an unnecessary delay in the competition occurs. Please do not use items that cover a significant portion of the stage area (i.e., petals, flowers, paper, etc.).

Props Policy

Props are allowed in all categories. At the discretion of Dance Power, props that take more than 2 minutes set up and 2 minutes take down may be subject to a $50 surcharge. In addition, routines that have excessive props may be subject to a $100 surcharge. Dancers must be able to carry their own props on stage. Please be considerate of other dancers, teachers and studios and mindful of the limited space in each theatre backstage area and loading dock


At the discretion of Dance Power, re-dances will be permitted in solo categories. Re-dances will be allowed for technical difficulties as well. Dance Power reserves the right to refuse re-dances if time does not permit.


Any concerns or complaints must be received in writing to:


Dance Power Enterprises, Inc.
8904-60 avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6E 6A6

We are always interested in improving and receiving feedback. Please sign all letters so that we have the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

Dance Power will not be responsible for injury or loss of belongings. Dance power reserves the right to disqualify any contestants infringing on the rules.

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