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Performance Rules

Length of Routines
  • Solos - max. 3 minutes

  • Duos/Trios - max. 3 minutes

  • Small groups - (4 - 9 dancers) - max. 4 minutes

  • Large groups - (10 - 19 dancers) - max. 5 minutes

  • Line - (20 dancers and over) - max. 5 minutes

  • Productions* - (min. 20 dancers) - min. 5 minutes - max. 15 minutes - *5 min set up and 5 min take down permitted for productions ONLY.

Solo Limit

There is no solo limit. Dancers can enter as many solos as they wish.

Age Groups (new!)
  • 5 years & under

  • 6 years

  • 7 - 8 years

  • 9 - 10 years

  • 11 - 12 years

  • 13 - 14 years

  • 15 - 16 years

  • 17 - 19 years

  • 20 - 29 years

  • Adult


Music can be uploaded in advance through your DanceSync account for each routine and each event. Our MC/Stage Manager plays the music through the music app for each routine.  In addition, an AUX connection for teachers to plug their devices in is available should there be any issues. 


Although we use the highest quality equipment and experience very few problems, we highly recommend that you have a back up device with you backstage.

Random timing will be in effect. Routines will be timed from the moment the dance/movement begins until the moment the dance/movement ends. We will not time entrances and exits unless they are choreographed (i.e., running on and off stage is not included in the timing). Choreographed entrances/exits and bows are timed. Overtime penalty: 5 point deduction from the average score

Fairness Guidelines
  • The studio is responsible for entering their routines into the correct categories and divisions. Please ensure that you are using hours of training at all studios. Please check your entries carefully prior to submitting them to our office.

  • Routines which have received compensation outside of a competitive environment must be entered in either the 20 - 29 year old category or the Adult category. Dance Power is an amateur dance competition.

  • If a teacher is in a routine, it must be entered in Division III or Division IV or when appropriate in the 20 - 29 year old category or the Adult category.  A teacher is defined as anyone that receives compensation for instructing 4 or more classes per week. This rule applies to overall classes taught per week at all studios and not on a per studio basis.

Props Policy

Props are allowed in all categories. At the discretion of Dance Power, props that take more than 2 minutes set up and 2 minutes take down may be subject to a $50 surcharge. In addition, routines that have excessive props may be subject to a $100 surcharge. Dancers should be able to carry their own props on stage. Please be considerate of other dancers, teachers and studios and mindful of the limited space in each theatre backstage area and loading dock.

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