Division I

0 - 2 years of completed dance training.

Division II (minimum 9 years old)

3 - 5 years of completed dance training or taking a maximum of two hours training per week across all dance disciplines.

N.B. Please do not enter senior students who have reduced the number of hours of training they receive in this division. If a dancer has previously achieved and danced in a higher division they are not permitted to change to a lower division even if the number of hours taken is less than two hours per week.

Division III (minimum 12 years old)

6+ years of completed dance training.


Determining Division

Calculate the completed years of dance training in the discipline entered. In duos and trios use the most experienced dancer’s number of years of training to determine the division.

In groups, calculate the average number of years training. Any training received prior to and including five years of age is excluded. For further information, please see the dance categories (5 years and under, 6 - 19 years, 20 years and over).

Please include any training that is received within a structured dance class (including combination classes) when calculating the division.

Age Categories

Age category is determined by calculating the average age of the dancer(s) as of March 1, 2019. Age categories shall be combined at the discretion of Dance Power to a maximum of three age groups within a category (i.e., 9 to 11 years, 15 to 17 years, etc.)

If there are more than 11 contestants in a category, the category will be divided equally into Group A, B, C, etc.